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Just bought new 2008 with Navigation. I had test driven an Acura and tried out their system and it was fantastic.. so I assumed that Toyota would be good also. Dumb move...
any way I have this Navigation system and actually have opportunity to use it frequently . It works, but is cumbersome and a unpleasant experience at the best..
Is there any way to upgrade this thing to make it to at least the equivalent of a low cost stick to you window system.. ???????? or should i just stick my Garvin to the screen

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There are only 2 "upgrades" I am aware of, and neither is available from Toyota.

(1) Take some lessons and learn to speak Japanese. The so-called "voice recognition" features seem not to comprehend verbal commands spoken in English. Numerous Toyota salesman and servicxe persons have attempted to communicate with the Nav in my Avalon, in English, and all have failed.

(2) Browse around in the various Tundra and Prius online Forums. Innovative participants there have constructed circuit modules to bypass the "lockout" that prevents your passenger from using the operator controls while the vehicle is in motion. This at least reduces some of the frustration.

The factory Nav is quite satisfactory if all you need is a convenient map display. Neither of these "upgrades" address (pun intended) it's most diabolical feature . . . a propensity to plot a route that takes me 50 miles to the South and 50 miles to the West when my final destination is directly North. I use a portable unit whan I actually need directions or route guidance.
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