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Dye with Vinyl

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Damn, I sure am making a lot of threads here recently, huh? Haha.

Came across this. Now that I've cleared all my lights, painted my car, and have installed a CDA-9887 Alpine with Alpine speakers and an HID kit with projectors (catches breath)....I want to redo the inside of my car. My car might have perks, but the inside is so damn ugly. It's old and worn down a lot. I want to redo the interior in a black or dark-grey / aluminum style.

I found dash kits, carpet, and even microfiber seats...but the only thing I can't seem to find is the vinyl. Does anyone think that dye will work? Should I do it black? Are there any other product suggestions or alternatives?

Kind of going for this color theme;

Thanks everyone.
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too bad you can't make it look exactly like the picture
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