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Dyno day results (updated w/ pix)

haven scanned mine yet
but here's the overall results for everyone
listing their best run

Temp: 23 degrees

P5Dude (03/5spd/Mazda Protege 5)
not too happy either
hp: 111.8
tq: 121.6
mods: Injen CAI, exhaust, header, 1 Cat Conv taken out

Tekkie (03/5spd/Mazdaspeed Protege)
disappointed as well (hello new exhaust and piggyback ecu)
hp: 148.3
tq: 176.8
mods: ION FMIC, Injen CAI, AWR motor mounts, Apexi AVC-R, Blitz DTT

Xenon (05/Auto/Mazda 3 sport GT)
hp: 128.8
tq: 127.4
mods: stock

Suds (03/Auto/Matrix XRS)
oh [email protected]#$%g auto...
hp: 144.8
tq: 104.7
mods: Injen CAI, ground wires
*cover in valance to get more air in for the intake taken out

Dredd2099 (03/6spd/Matrix)
oh wtf...somewhat disappointed, somethings wrong (check Evilthornes and Badmanas run)
hp: 164.9
tq: 120.0
mods: Injen CAI, Borla exhaust, ground wires

Badmana (03/6spd/Matrix)
yay, stock exhaust is good...
hp: 165.4
tq: 119.8
mods: Injen CAI

Evilthorne (04/6spd/Matrix)
all grins after
hp: 166.8
tq: 122.0
mods: Injen CAI
*cover in valance to get more air in for the intake taken out

pixies will be upped later on
thanks to every1 that went
and to Mel at TAG racecraft

TN Pussy Man
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nice pics....and some decent numbers there....

that mazdaspeed is a torque monster :eek: but yeah, numbers could be better considering the potential tho

2006 Lincoln Zephyr
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My friend has a 300+hp Mazdaspeed protege :eek: That car is crazy and handles like it is on rails. I love those cars.

The dyno's for the Matrix's seemed right though. Nobody had any signiicant mods to make a huge difference.
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