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91 Toyota Pickup SR5
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Hi all,

I've lurked on this site for years with my 4Runner and Corolla (RIP) but wanted to ask a question for those who live in Northern California. I cannot find a shop that is willing to put my 1998 Toyota 4Runner on a dyno! I had thought this would be easy but every shop seems to turn me down for one reason or another. Up where I live in Sacramento most of the perfomance or dyno shops specialize in LS engines since there's a big muscle crowd here and not very many tuners. I don't know the Bay Area well enough to locate a dyno shop and the ones I've contacted have declined.

A little background on WHY I want to get some baseline numbers:

  • TRD Supercharger at 13 PSI (2.0" pulley)
  • AEM F/IC 6 Piggyback
  • Oversized 310cc injectors
  • 175cc/min water injection
  • Doug Thorley headers
  • and more...
I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations! Here's a link to my build if you need any more specifics:[u]rd-build.html
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