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It's been awhile since I've surfed this forum, but seeing that I love the TN guys, I had to come back. Btw, I finally got a digital camera so I'll post some pictures somewhere when I have spare time and get off my lazy ass...

Anywho, I have a problem. Recently, my "brake" light on the dash of my 1994 Camry 5S-FE has been turning on-off in random, sporadic patterns. I don't know why. Every once in a while I drive, I look at my dash and the light is on (when my e-brake is obviously released...). Sometimes, when I shift into drive and release the e-brake, the light doesn't turn off. The car maintains it's driveability just fine (albeit cruise control can't be activated when the brake light is on).

Any ideas on what's going on with my car? I'm due for brake maintenence, but I wanted to check it out with everyone here so i might have an advance idea on what's up. Thanks guys.


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you need more brake fluid, i guess if you need brake work your pads are worn down to the point it's take up alot of fluid to work the calipers and the car is telling to add more fluid or change the brakes.
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