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E Carina and some little problem's

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Hi there..

Just go me a '92 E Carina Gli 2.0 . It has seen some km's (260k/162mls). I have let myself to believe that these last quite long if well maintained.
So now wondering few small things.

- gearstick isnt as smooth as it could/should. It klunky and not willing to go to 1st etc. I know its not the synchromesh, its more the gearlever just wont find its way to in. It's wire moved and Im suspecting that its seen it's day's. Is it common? Could it just go by re-adjusting wires.

-Some noise, whine, from front as I drive to bump. Sounds something in suspension. Its been MOT/DMW tested 3 weeks a go, so theres nothing major, but enuf to annoy. Where to look?

-Cluch is soon dead. Could there help, as just for while, to pump air from system? As its hydraulic cluch? Or just go and change whole thing.

Other than that and few dents, it seems pretty good go'er, as quite fast after my last 1.0 Mini :D

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