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Early 90's Pickup with 22RE ??'s

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Ok, got some newbie questions for you guys. I'm going to go look at a Toyota Pickup in the Morning. I know it's got the 22RE motor in it, I think it's ex. cab and it's definetly a 4X4. The body is rusted pretty bad but some sheet metal and bondo will fix that :D

What I want from you guys is a list of the things I should look for, known problems and such. Obviosly I'm going to drive it, and check the frame and underbelly. I might make them lift the front end up so I can check the ball joints and such as well. I know this engine is pretty much bullet proof, any signs I should look for while I'm driving it. This will be my first Yota pickup :clap:

Also, is this engine a real dog? Eventually I want to get a Tacoma, but money is a little tight at the moment and this guy is only asking $1600 (probably because the body rot)

Let me know ASAP please

Thanks in advance

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hopefully its had a timing chain put in . there was also a steering recall on those models and you could get the front end completely redone for free. other than that id make sure it doesnt burn oil or smoke. but the timing chains need to be done every 100k miles or so.
Do the chains just stretch out and throw the truck out of time? If so I'd imagine I"d notice it running rough. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.......anything else? I'm headed over there in an hour or so :)
They dont strech, They actually have a chain in them not a belt, Over time the guides will wear out causing the chain to snap, Its not a hard job to do, if it hasnt been done already, when you get started on it replace the water pump while your there..
Well I went and looked at the's a 94 Ex cab 4X4 5spd with the 22RE. Bed is rotted around the wheel wells and the back bumper is rusted right in half, no big deal really just needs some body work. BUT, I didn't even drive it because the guy said it's pretty much sold. If the other guy doesn't come back in the AM he's gonna give me a call. So cross your fingers for me.
sounds like he wanted you to make an offer higer than the other guys.
no, the other guy was paying sticker price.....small towns around here and if somebody says they'll be back to buy it and not to sell it....the dealer will usually ablige, even most of the large dealerships
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