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I have a 1987 with a 3SFE and an auto transmission. I need to replace the engine. I'm looking for instructions on the easiest way to replace the engine.

1. Is it easier to pull the engine and tranny as a unit?
2. Do I pull the engine with the intake, fuel rail, exhaust manifold, distributor, alternator with the engine, or do I remove these items and pull the engine as a long block.
3. Do I need to remove the engine dampener pully on the front of the engine to pull the engine?



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To pull it out the top:

Take off the obvious stuff (airbox, battery, radiator, etc)
Take off alternator, remove A/C compressor and hang from a string (leave hoses attached)
Loosen/remove power steering pump from the block (no need to drain, leave it hanging)
Remove axles, swaybar, control arms, subframes and F/R motor mounts
Remove exhaust midpipe and exhaust manifold (leave the intake manifold alone)
Pull the wiring harness from the ECU and pull it into the engine bay
Remove the engine bay fuse box and lay it on the motor
Remove anything else that is in the way
Pulling the accessory pully helps, but is not necessary
Hook on to the hooks, lift the motor slightly, remove last to motor mounts and pull it out!

For pulling it out the bottom, leave the power steering pump attached to the motor, drain it and remove the hoses.

That's all from memory, so I probably missed something, but there's nothing too special about it. I'm sure some other guys will have more input.

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