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Copied this from YotaTech which was from Pa TTORA.

The 8th annual East Coast 4Runner Jamboree (EC4RJ) will be held at Rausch Creek Off Road Park ( in Joliett, PA. Base camp will be at Echo Valley Campground ( in Tremont, PA. The Jamboree will be held on Friday, June 20-Sunday, June 22, 2008. For those of you that wish to camp for free, camping at the park is available as well. The EC4RJ is an event which caters to all levels of rock crawling and trail riding. First time wheelers as well as competition buggy drivers will feel at home at Rausch Creek Off Road Park.

The East Coast 4Runner Jamboree first began in 2001 as a small get together for fellow Toyota off road enthusiasts that met online. Since then, it has grown into an annual east coast run in which some have traveled almost 1000 miles to attend. The EC4RJ has received coverage from Toyota 4WD owners magazine and 4Wheeler magazine. We plan to have 1 or 2 more photographers/editors this year.

We are anticipating the largest turnout for the 2008 EC4RJ. I would say anticipating 75-100 rigs and 150+ people for this event is a pretty safe assumption. We are putting forth a much larger effort this year in terms of sponsorship and advertising for the event. There will be no "formal registration fees" for this event. The only fees incurred will be the park fees at Rausch and the campground fees at Echo Valley. T-shirts will be printed with the EC4RJ logo as well as all the sponsors who choose to donate items for the event. If anyone wishes to purchase a shirt they will be on sale for what we paid for them. We are not making any profit on this event. The Toyota Trail Team will be at the event helping out first timers and showing them “the ropes” in terms of rock crawling and trail riding. There will also be several guided trail rides to accommodate all skill levels. We have reserved 2 large pavilions at Echo Valley Campground where we plan to hold the raffle and possibly dinner Saturday night.

I am currently working with Allen Dickenson, Matt Rasnake and Todd Bishop. Matt and Todd are working on sponsors for the FJ crowd. Allen and I are working on the rest of the sponsors. Our preliminary sponsor list contains 35+ companies that manufacture Toyota specific parts, camping gear and provide Toyota Services. I know it is still early in the game. I will keep everyone notified as we receive sponsor approval.

Mark your calendars folks. This one is gonna be a doozie! Post up if you're attending.

For more Info visit...

I'll be there represented Tacomas baby!!!!:clap:
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