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East-End Meet, June 26,2004 at Kennedy Commons

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Ok Ladies and gents, it is the time of the month again. As the weather gets warmer it seems like out meets are having more and more attendants. So, if you think that you might end up being the person that says "I should've gone, it looked like a really good meet" then you should come instead of regreting it later.

The meet is at Kennedy Commons as I mentioned before (Kennedy & 401 HWY) at 8:00pm. And I believe we agreed to meet at the RONA parking lot this time because we almost ran out of space at the Tim Horton's parking lot last month.

And as they say in advertisements "COME ONE COME ALL" bring friends and family if you'd like too..
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What are the plans.. I don't know about a big cruise since the cops are out to get modified cars nowadays!

According to the weather network, it will be a bit chilly. So dress accordingly. That also means we won't be hanging outside too much.

By the way, can't we find somewhere close by where we can eat instead of going to Richmond Hill??
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