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For those who don't know, we are a direct distributor of all EBC Brakes Pads and Rotors! We have to get much more loaded in the days to come, but let us know what you are looking for and we'd be happy to get them out to you!


Here's a video on EBC if you are not familiar with them:

EBC - 3GD Sport Rotors (Slotted & Dimpled)

EBC - Ultimax BlackDash Slotted Rotors

EBC - Ultimax Front Plain/OE Rotors

* Plain/OE EBC Rotors are actually sold individually. Above are packaged pairs we put together for your convenience - but all OE rotors can be purchased individually.

EBC - Ultimax, Red, Green, and YellowStuff Brake Pads

Links to come shortly!
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