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Echo Hatchback Tach install

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2004 Toyota Echo Hatchback RS / Met Blue / 5 sp / Borla Exhaust /
Cold Air Intake / + 1 205-50-15 Falken Tires on Konig Wheels.

Just took delivery last week and is having a blast driving it around. More fun than a non S MINI with better mileage and

Looking for help to buy & install tachometer. Please post info.

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ploc, what size/style of tach are you looking for?
Tach Install

Less than 5" with a column mount / white face / chrome ring, has to work with echo distributorless ignition. Nice to include instructions to mount on an Echo.
tach in Echo.

I just put one in today, Sunpro from Autozone. White face. $30. Easy to install. No cutting wires. On American cars the OBDII scanner port is just under the dash 16 pin connector. first pin on bottom row, left to right is for the tachometer the rest of the wires go the the fuse box. Ground wire attacth to good metal ground under dash. Fuse box note. Left half of fuse box are switched fuses, the right half are always hot. I hooked into the ACC fuse. look at fuse, left side of fuse is the side you plug in wire to make sure current travels through the fuse before it goes to your tach. If you hook your wire to the right side of the fuse and plug it in, the fuse will not protect your car. Be careful, Make sure you connect this right or you might screw up your car. I did a lot of research before I hooked things up. I have a 2000 Echo American Model. The wire for the lights can go to another fuse to make things easier.
Tach works great, Echo tach problem solved.
2004 Echo Hatchback Tach

Thanks for the info on your install. I had my tach installed by a local rice shop back about a year ago. It's mounted on the steering column dead center, so you can view it at all times.
It was an easy install & cost $80.00, better than doing it yourself.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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