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Echo rear 6X9 cover removal????

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Hey all, I was just given a 2000 Echo Sedan and I'm trying to remove the cover to the rear 6X9's so that I can put my clarion one's in...

alas, it appears that it's not such a simple task...

the speakers themselves look easy enough to get out once i get the covers off, but there aren't any bolts, toggles or spring clips holding the covers on, and when i slide a screw driver between the cover and the rear dash-thingy, it fits between in the middle, but once i get to the corners there appears to be somthing tacking it down but I can't see what it is. I don't want to pry it apart too far for fear of snapping it *i still need these covers to cover the clarions once they're in* so until I hear from all you what the trick is to getting these stupid covers off, i'm stuck listening to good music quietly :(

Thanx to anyone who might be able to help :)
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You need to take the rear deck out to get to the speakers. If it's the same design as my camry you'll need to take out the back seats as well as the pillar cover.
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