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Hey all, I was just given a 2000 Echo Sedan and I'm trying to remove the cover to the rear 6X9's so that I can put my clarion one's in...

alas, it appears that it's not such a simple task...

the speakers themselves look easy enough to get out once i get the covers off, but there aren't any bolts, toggles or spring clips holding the covers on, and when i slide a screw driver between the cover and the rear dash-thingy, it fits between in the middle, but once i get to the corners there appears to be somthing tacking it down but I can't see what it is. I don't want to pry it apart too far for fear of snapping it *i still need these covers to cover the clarions once they're in* so until I hear from all you what the trick is to getting these stupid covers off, i'm stuck listening to good music quietly :(

Thanx to anyone who might be able to help :)
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