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What is this part next to the brake fluid reservoir. It is silver aluminum and has heat sink fins on it.

What is the sensor on the back right and front right attached to engine from radiator hose

The sensor on the back left is engine temp control

What is the sensor on the front left

Is the exhaust regulator hard to remove in the picture ?

Where is the ECM in 86 Camry is it between the passenger and driver side under the hood, its black in color


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I'm not 100% sure on these answers, but it should help...

- The aluminum box with fins on it is probably the ballast resistor pack for the fuel injectors. If it has 5 wires going to it (one larger, 4 smaller), that's what it is.

- Are the sensors you are talking about the ones with vacuum lines on them? If so, those aren't sensors, they are bi-metal vacuum switching valves (BVSV) that control parts of the vacuum system based on coolant temperature (open or closed at certain temps)

- If the sensor on the front left has a single wire, it is either the sender for the gauge cluster or a temp switch for transmission control to lock it out of overdrive when the engine is cold.

- EGR = exhaust gas recirculation (not regulator). That looks more like a vacuum modulator for the actual EGR valve and shouldn't be too hard to remove.

- The ECM/ECU is probably inside the cabin of the car, behind/below the radio (that is where it is on the '87-'91 Camry). It will have 3 or 4 large electrical connectors with many wires and should be easy to spot.

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