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ECO Mode

ECO mode is one of the more obscure driving modes available. As many drivers correctly assume, its intention is to make your vehicle run more economically than it would in its normal driving mode; but what many drivers don’t know is how it achieves this effect. ECO mode ultimately aims to increase fuel efficiency by reducing acceleration levels, which—although it doesn’t actually change the vehicle’s engine power—means the accelerator will not be as sensitive and, therefore, not use as much fuel when pressed at the same interval. This feature can be useful during stop-and-go city driving when you may not want your accelerator pedal to be particularly sensitive. ECO mode can also regulate the power provided to your vehicle’s air conditioning system and other accessories to further increase fuel efficiency.
It should be noted that some vehicles come with an ECO indicator light that is very different than the ECO mode button we’re currently discussing. While putting your vehicle in ECO mode actually changes certain components within the vehicle, the ECO indicator light simply tells you if you’re driving in an economic fashion.
It’s also important to acknowledge that ECO mode isn’t exclusive to hybrid vehicles. For instance, the Corolla LE ECO Opens a New Window. has its own available ECO mode but is still a gas-only vehicle.
EV Mode

EV (short for Electric Vehicle) mode is only available in hybrid vehicles and is much more particular in its uses than other driving modes. If a vehicle is running in EV mode, the vehicle is only pulling power from its battery. This results in the potential for very efficient driving, but it also means the vehicle in question doesn’t have access to as much power as it normally would. That’s why EV mode typically works for just up to one mile and is only applicable under certain conditions at very low driving speeds. Due to these restrictions, it’s best to reserve EV mode for driving extremely short distances that don’t require much speed such as moving a vehicle out of a garage or driving in a parking lot.
Drivers need to be especially careful when utilizing EV mode because it can make vehicles practically silent. This means pedestrians, bikers, and other vehicles may not hear an approaching vehicle while it’s in EV mode. Therefore, it’s paramount that you pay close attention to your surroundings when using this feature.
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