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ECT....and transmission Q'n

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Is there an ECT(power) button on a 1MZ 2000 camry? I cant find one on my grandpa's. I know my girlfriend's stupid Rav4 has one, but it does absolutely nothing (im not surprised....more surprised that car can move at all...POS ^_^), the 1MZ V6 in my grandpa's car definately has a lot more pull and is much funner to drive (for me, coming from my turbocharged saab) than the 3S in that Rav4, but I wonder if I can get even more out of it.

Also, is the transmission just made to jump to a higher gear first chance it gets in toyotas? I was driving around the other day in the camry, and to get it to stay past....3500ish in 2nd I really really had to step on the pedal.
Incidentally, I noticed the same thing in the Rav4, it really doesnt like to go past 3500 either. Is it just a toyota thing?
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no, the gen4 doesnt have an ECT option and as far as i know you cant install it.

and yes, most toyota transmissions are designed to be economic so they hunt for the lowest RPM to save gas. thats whats great about the pre 97 V6 auto. it could be economical but when the ECT button is depressed the tranny becomes more sensitive to downshifts and holds RPMs longer.
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