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ECU code help?

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I have an 88 pickup with a 22re, it sounds like its misfiring at idle, and after a minute or two of driving the check engine light comes on, and it loses all power, and sputters like crazy. It has new plugs, wires, air filter, newer fuel tank, lines, and filter, and i have tried some injector cleaner in the tank.

I jumped the two terminals T and E1 and got codes 21 and 51, 21 is O2 sensor (no surprise, 140k and probably original sensor), but what does 51 mean? Is there any way to test the O2 sensor with a multimeter?
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51 could be several things

No IDL signal - TPS problem
No NSW signal - neutral start sw
No A/C signal - A/C amp, sw, ckt
truck does not have A/C, neutral start switch works, so that leaves TPS? I assume i should test and adjust it with feeler guages and an ohm meter?
So i tested the TPS, and im only getting a resistance reading at idle position, with the .022" feeler gauge i get nothing at all, same with wide open. sensor is shot im guessing?
At 0", VTA to E2 resistance should be 200-800 ohms
At fully open, VTA to E2 resistance should be 3.3K to 10K ohms
At 0.022", IDL to E2 resistance should be <2.3K ohms
At 0.033", IDL to E2 resistance should be open (infinity ohms)
VCC to E2 should be 3K to 7K ohms

If you're not getting some close to those readings and can't adjust, TPS is likey bad.
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