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ECU Pinout

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I have a 2000 Toyota Hilux pickup (JDM model). Engine is 3RZ-FE. I ordered an Alpine supercharger for my new "toy". The S/C went in with no snags, until it came time to wire up the Dastek Unichip module. the wiring instructions show the ECU as having four connectors on it. Mine only has three. The PN on my ECU is 89666-35020. I have searched for two days now and cannot find a pinout for my ECU. Can anyone help me?
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What are the Unichip wires supposed to hook to? My guess is ignitor tach output, map and a few others.

You should be able to just trace the wires from the appropriate sensor to the ECU. Then do a continuity check to make sure you have the correct wire. Toyota doesnt change sensor or injector wire colors from the connectors in the engine to the ECU. So, if you find them in the engine bay they will be the same color on the ECU. Most of the time toyota only uses 1 color combination on each connector.
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