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Could someone tell me how you can test a ECU. My 87 5 speed MR2 has been playing up for months. It all started after a thunderstorm. Thing would start and idel but not throttle up. The next day i unbolted the ECU and laid it on the trunk floor and it ran fine. Bolted it back on and it did the same thing. That was 6 month ago. It ran a bit rough through that period. Now it wont start. Replaced all the regular stuff tested just about everything. Yesterday it started. I ran it for half an hour put the timing light on it and it was running great but it will do this. then stopped it. Started replacing stuff and stared it after each item. Then finally bolted the ECU to the trunk and wont start. Could be a bad wire maybe. I've since tried 2 ECU's on it another coil and module. The spark seems good the plugs come out wet after spinning the engine long enough I know the timings good it just wont fire. I pulled the conector of the #1 injector to test it. Is it normal to have power to both sides of the injector cable with the ignition on?

Thanks in advance

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