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efi fuse burns

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Hi everyone I'm trying to help someone,the car is a toyota echo 2001 the efi fuse melts, i've disconnected most emission components related to that fuse .When the inition key is turn to on the fuse melts(efi) in the engine fuse box .I got circuit diagrams from autozone and the shop manual from another source they don't show exactly the same circuit.All fuse and relays have been removed + the alternator, injectors, coils, iac, oxsensor,computer plus many more still no results.All yellow/black wires seem to be grouded yet when I remove the am2 fuse no problem with the efi fuse ,still no problem occurs when ignition is off but blows whne the ignition switched is on.Any idea or do you have a circuit diagram for this model.Thanks for your help.
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