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g;day all...

ok first off, moderators, i created this account because the password reset email never got to me after requesting it several times... my first account was brownyy... so feel free to delete this account and reset my other... cheers

ok down to business...

the reason i'm in a hurry to post is that my aussie gen4 keeps blowing the 15A EFI fuse. This fuse blowing event so far has happened when i'm on a rough road, which makes me think its a wire that has rubbed though and is shorting on the body somewhere... if its not then i'm think the EFI has problems somewhere...

So if its a short, using this wiring diagram i took a photo of i've eliminated it down oo 3 wires...
1) from EFI relay to circuit opening relay
2) from opening circuit relay to fuel pump **note
3) from opening circuit relay to ECM

**note, as the pump is almost effectivly a ground, would a dieing fuel pump draw too much current and blow the fuse?

(any way to make the pics smaller?)

now the wire from the EFI fuse to the relay is internal on the relay/fuse box/circuit so that cant be it. The wire form the EFI relay to the circuit opening relay runs off somewhere even though the relays sit about 6 inchs away from each other. And the other too i havent traced down yet.

The problem with this problem (errr, english?) is that when it shorts out (if it is the case) it will only do it long enough to blow the fuse. Meaning i cant do a continuity test for those wires in question to see which one is shorting out.

From anyones experience has anyone seen this happen or know as to why or where it is happening? is it a short? or is my EFI kicking it? or is the fuel pump having something to do with it...?

Any help on the situation would be greatly appricated cause its shit annoying changing fuses more then a fill it for fuel... Currently i'm pulling the interior out to check the fuel pump wire for any abbrasions (spelling?) along its path from the engine bay to the tank... having some fun pulling it apart except i need to drive it soon...

thanks everyone who has read this far and hopefully someone out there knows whats going on before i have to pay money to get it fixed...



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yeah 3 times!

crash history;


120km.h with 1 foot high rock wall, airborne, landed on right side wheels, destroyed front left mag minor panel damage.

2nd; motorbike t-boned front left quarter panel, manged to break a fuse that stopped car from runnning. Insurance repairer fixed it so not sure what fuse went, but alot of work went on around the elec box.

3rd, arse ended a taxi, main damage front right...

so far i've checked the wire from the pump/tank right up to the kick panel/junction connector on the front right (my drivers side), it seems fine and no rubbing.

now starting on engine bay, have pulled out battery and airbox soon elec box coming out, and maybe a quarter panel to check some wires...

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