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please help guys!
I am going to go into depth with this post, so if i dont get the thing started, this journey of problems may help some other helpless soul out there who stumbles across this on google or something...

Last week i replaced the upstream o2 on my 2000 toyota corolla
Disconnected the battery for 5 mins to clear the fault code...
now the problems begin...
The car wouldnt start.Engine will crank and turns but never fires up. tank full of gas. Battery in good shape.
First i thought is was an after market imobilizer/alarm i found on the car.
Got the brand off it, called up Karr about thier 2040 system. He told me how to disarm the thing if the red light is in blinking mode, press hit the red button 3 times. The light stays off, Did this, CAR WONT START.
Called Karr back, how do disconnect the thing alltogether? He said pull out the long white strip connector from the main box located in the above the footwell. DId this.. CAR WONT START.
Called toyota, do i need a remote key to start this car (if it has a hidden factory fitted imobilizer i dont know about that the last owner didnt tell me about?), as i only have a normal valet key? Toyota said hard to say but usually no- if there was an imobilizer armed it would not allow the engine to turn.
Next called out AAA to get it started. Guy came checked battery, "your battery is good" do you want me to tow you anywhere?" I told him "no". what a waste of time AAA are.
Next -found a blown 15amp EFI / F-Htr fuse. Replaced - tried to turn over car, CAR WONT Start - Went back to fuse box- Fuse blown .
could it be the o2 wiring isnt right on the car?
Where would the efi fuel injection thing be located? What does F-htr mean??

Any ideas guys would be muchly appreciated- i need to get the car moved today for the street cleaners are coming tomorrow and will give me a ticket if i dont get it out of the way-I am receding away what little hair i have on my head over this one...:headbang:
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