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EGR valve/passage

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Had an ECL (P0401 EGR flow insufficient, etc...).

Needing to clean (will replace later) the valve itself and the passage to valve.

What is the preferred method for doing each?

I can feel the nut (huh huh, yeah yeah) holding the passage tube, but am not exactly sure if I can easily get it outta there to clean. Is there a good/easy way to clean it without removing it first? Is that even advisable?

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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my sugestion is to go to radio shack and buy a 4.7k resistor and jump the temp sensor (little wire running off the egr) and leave it alone till you have to do emissions. when you jump the temp sensor it's the plug from the car not the sensor. for cleaning i have no idea i can only guess that you remove it and spray it down with carb cleaner .....
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