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I have a toyota camy 2000. The check engine light came on about few
months back and I went to mechanic and he told me the problem was "EGR
Valve Insufficient Oxygen Flow" after reading the computer code. But he
said that I can wait for a while before replacing it. There after, the
engine light goes on and off. I don't want to get it replaced if I can
avoid it as the total cost would be around 350$. So, I want to ask the
experts that:

a) I've read that EGR valve can be cleaned. Can I clean it by using
some fuel injector cleaner or some other thing?

b) Will driving the car with this problem affect any other engine

c) Can I replace the valve on my own and if yes, is there a
manual/document that I can refer to?

Please reply.


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The likelyhood that the EGR valve itself needs replacement is slim. We
rarely see those go bad. Cleaning the valve and the EGR passage into the
intake manifold may very well cure your ails. There are also two other
components of the system; the EGR vacuum modulator and the EGR vacuum
switching valve (assuming you have a 4 cyl). Someone with a grasp on how
that system works should be able to pinpoint the problem fairly quickly.
You should have it properly diagnosed before you go replacing parts.
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