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Hey guys, I'm hoping there are some creative minds out there. I am installing camry door sills that I made myself using red el tape cut to fit under camry logo sills.
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For all four, I have 1 inverter on each side of the car and because el tape requires ac current to power it. My issue is I do not have foot well or courtesy lights in my 2020 camry trd so I am tapping into the connectors of where they would be using a schematic. My problem is I only have two converters. I could buy more but I want to test myself. What I want to do is have a constant ground and a power source that can handle the load but then using the door open switch on the door jamb, send that voltage to open either a relay or mofset capacitor for that door sill only, instead of that whole side. Anyone have any ideas to accomplish this correctly?
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