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Electrical issues, audio issues

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Soon after I bought my Gen 2 Cam did I realize how much of a headache it was going to be for me alone to do a custom install. The rear speakers alone really piss me off...that bar! THAT BAR!!...

Anyway, enough tantrums..

Ok so my real problem lies here, my radio and my clock don't work. Neither do my front side corner lights and inside overhead light. My best guess is it is all connected on the same bizarre circuit. I can't figure out what the problem is. Naturally I checked the fuses, the one for "Radio" - 7.5 - was blown, so I replaced it which thereafter blew again. So now on the third fuse here, still no radio. All connected fine it seems, I've checked and reconnected it. Radio is just black and won't even do anything, same with clock. They just died for some reason. I can't figure it out, I've torn apart the entire inside front of the car because it is driving me mad. Nothing is cut wrong, all have wire caps and nothing is cross-wired. Something must be though, because obviously they aren't working.

Everything else works, front lights work, rear lights work, gauge cluster works, A/C etc works.

Any help or ideas to lead me to an answer is much appreciated :).

Also to include this here instead of double-posting. I tore out the rear carpeted dash, and I was thinking of doing that template thing with MDF or some wood. I was wondering what thickness you guys might suggest in order to raise it up enough to mount some speakers in, or some ideas on what I could do with that.:thumbup:
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all i can say is check your fuses, not the ones in the engine bay, the ones in the car, on the right hand side for me.

the rear "dash" known as the parcel shelf/rear deck is quite crap as stock. so mdf would work much better, i'd go for say 12mm or thereabouts, one it'll be stiffer so better for sound, and two you can make some custom mount while your at it.

heres an idea. trace the current rear deck piece on to your mdf. then trace the speaker holes onto the mdf. now get some spacers or mdf speaker rings and screw that onto the new rear deck. now you have two options, gettin some bondo or filler and put it around the sides of the speaker rings and smooth it out so you end up with slope. Or you can get some fleece material and wrap that around and fibreglass it.

oh and you'll need speaker rings/ spacers to clear that rear bar, putting a thicker rear deck might not do the job completely.

all the best


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Hey, thank you guys again for leading me in the direction!

The fuse for the dome was blown in the engine bay. Conviently there was a spare right on the underside of the cover! As well as a 7.5, just what I need for the radio! Everything works now!


- Evan

Also, what bondo should I use. Or actually what brand or type do you recommend for such work. I also have to fill the holes in the back of the trunk where the logo was stripped. I think the slope idea is a good one :thumbup:
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