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Electrical problem with 99 camry 4 cyl.

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My Car has would not start, so I taught it was the battery. So I replaced battery. Within 3 days I had the same problem Car did not start. I taught it was the alternator problem. So I removed the alternator and took it to AutoZone. They tested the equipment and confirmed it was fine. Now I took the Starter Solenoid to the AutoZone and they confirmed that it was the one that is faulty. So i replaced the Starter. Now The Car starts but I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM.

I have no lights on the instrument panel when turn the ignition, No Clock, No radio, Cannot shift the gear, Power seat not working, Fan and A/C not working, indicators not working, brake lights not working. Key less entry not working.

Only Headlights and hazards (yield lights) and horn are working.

I believe some master fuse might have blown away but I could not find where the master fuse is? . There were 3 fuse boxes, 2 in the hood and 1 under the steering. Is there any specific naming notation for the master fuse for all Auxiliary stuff? Please help.

So can you please help me to fix problem?

Thanks in advance
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This is the wrong section, your Camry is a 4th gen. Check if your battery terminals are on the right way and you might as well check all the fuses you can while you wait for an answer.
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