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electrical problem

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Hopefully someone can help. I swapped over my stereo in my 92' V6 Camry. All went fine except the green/yellow wire that was suppose to have constant power had no power. I wire directly to the fuse panel and obviously blew a fuse or shorted something out. Now my airbag light is on all the time (occassionally there is a strange noise under the dash), the clock resets each time the car is turned off. The door open warning light does not come on on the dash and of course there is no power to that green/yellow wire. There are probably a few other things that are not working but I haven't noticed them. I checked the main fuses and the fuses under the hood and found nothing blown. If only I had disconnected the neg. cable when I started the project...arrrrrr. some suggestions would be great. I've already downloaded the airbag light reset procedure, but considering there are more things wrong than just the airbag, I'm really not sure.
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