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Emergency brake sensor?

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Hi I recently bought a 02 Taco. The brake light is always illuminated on the dash. The person I bought it from said he recently replaced the emergency brake line cable and it has been on ever since. The emergency brake barely works, I believe it needs to be tightened. Any idea on how to turn this light off, or where the sensor is that is making this light go off?

I read about the little switch mounted on the firewall inside the cab for the lever to the emergency brake. I tried fiddling with this but didn't see any result.
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First - check your brake fluid level and make sure it's topped up to exactly the 'filled' mark.

The brake warning indicator can be triggered by 2 things - the parking brake being engaged and low brake fluid level. The indicator system is notoriously sensitive to brake fluid level, and even a minor 'shortage' can set it off ....
Thanks will try this, I think my brake fluid is a little low, very little, I've been meaning to top up for long time but keep on forgeting. Although i believe it may be something more then that. How does your computer tell when the park brake is engaged?
... How does your computer tell when the park brake is engaged?
There's no computer involved ... There's a switch on the parking brake lever, and a fluid level switch. That's it.
well i had the same problem with my 98 prerunner
i just changed the brakes and it went away.
thanks will do both in near future, sooo broke right now cant even afford a bottle of brake fluid. Appreciate the help
Follow the emergency brake puller back behind the dash. Have someone engage it and rotate to disengage it while you look under the dash. You'll see the little plunger that is supposed to be pushed in when the brake is released. Push the plunger in with your finger and see if the light goes out. If it does, your e-brake isn't engaging the plunger and needs to be adjusted.
brake fluid was down just a little, topped it off and light went away. I changed a axle seal the other day and while i was at it I was looking at my ebrake lever inside the drum and it was rusted solid both sides. I took them off and beat them back and forth and greased them with wd 40 till they moved good, then I loaded the boots on them and parts with grease. I can engage my brake at the hub my moving the lever now but still not by the cable. little more adjusting and I think I may have a brake back again.
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