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Emission Control Valve set broken!

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Hi everyone.

I broke the middle (blue) plastic emission control valve that sits on a rack on top of my 93 3VF FE6 engine. Toyota wants $192 smackeroos for the entire set, and all I need is one! Grrrrr....

So, can I replace that one valve? Where can I find just that one; do I REALLY have to buy the set? Can I get 'em from a junkyard ior is that taking a heckuva chance? Thanks!

Also is this valve (set) known by another name or acronym?

The car runs pretty well with that broken valve, but she seems to be a-smokin' more.

T'anks, y'all.

Drive laughing! :lol:

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I don't know the 3VF FE6. If it is similar to the 2VZ FE you have two BVSVs next to each other. These each have two vacuum hoses. I don't know what color these are or if these are what you are describing or not. One helps to control the EGR valve and the other helps regulate the EVAP (charcoal canister) system. Since you don't notice a great deal of difference I suspect that it is the one for the EVAP system. Trace one of the vacuum lines to the charcoal canister and it's probably the one. A picture would be helpful.

Someone may chime in with the part number. You should be able to track a used one down. eBay is always a good source but you never know how good it is.

It's prt of the EGR system.... and I don't think that you can buy just one half of the Valve... you may have better luck at a U-pull-it or junkyard. :)
Ya, go to the junkyard. Should be like $10. I broke one on my last car and the dealer wanted 1 hundred something for it. I went to the junk yard and slipped it in the 'ol toolbox while getting some other things.

All right, folks; here's some good info:

I went and bought a new valve from another Toyota parts dealer. The first one told me I had the purchase the entire set (!) but another told me that I could get the single valve from them, and they had it, in stock, for $103.00. I also checked the dealer's website and found a coupon for $15.99 off any part over $100.00 so, I used that, too.

Benefits: The '93 3VF V-6 is hard to find in a junk yard, so I didn't have to scurry all over the place looking at '93s, hoping they had the right part. Too many junkyards say they have it, and then....

It's brand-spanking new, so no problemo with it working. No worries!!!!

Gads; I had it in my hot little hand within 25 minutes.

Check Toyota's parts dealers for different prices and coupons.
New should ALWAYS work; 'No worries, mate'. If not, Toyota stands behind their parts 100%.
Junkyards are 'iffy'; use them for non-sensitive/easy-to-obtain parts. (Electrics sitting in the junkyard kinda worries me.)
Time is money (and hassle, and frustration, and questions, etc.) Sometimes it's better to get it right the first time!
Six cylinders are the minority, so tougher to find in the 'yard.
When in doubt, go to the Dealer.

The car does run better now; in a minor way, but hey: all should work well under dat dere hood.

I'll trace the hoses later to see where these silly things go.

T'anks y'all!

Drive Laughing!!:lol:

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