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Emissions Test in Ontario

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Getting ready to have my e-test here in Ontario. I am somewhat concerned aout my Celica's ability to pass.

As I look at the resluts of previous tests over the years, my numbers appear to be appraoching unacceptable values. Does anyone have any advice regarding strategies to improve one's chances of succeeding the e-test?

So far, I have read that one should run the car really hot immediately before the test. Someone else said that they attribute their success with thier e test to having used 'fuel injector cleaner' just prior to hooking up to the dynamometer.

I am not so sure that that stuff, 'Guaranteed to Fail', that crappy tire sells is all that good.

Any constructive advice?
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a number of things....warming up the car (heating up the cat) makes it more effective, running the car at the correct temperature (make sure that they put a fan in front of the rad, etc.) or else the car will run hot and the ecu will pull timing (running rich)

clean injectors will help also of course.
Thanks bro.
+1 on warming up the car fully. You should take for a few wide open throttle runs on the highway before bringing it in to the test centre.
Thanks phat, yeah that's what I heard, also.
Run a bottle of Chevron's Techron Fuel Injector cleaner a couple of tanks BEFORE taking the car in for testing. FI cleaner will burn off the deposits and you do not want it in your exhaust while testing.

Like others said, make sure car is nice and hot, so catalitic converter operates efficiently. Fill up with good gas.
Chevron's Techron F.I.C., right. OK. Got it.
Something else to think about: when was the last time you had a tune-up? You can change spark-plugs and sparkwires yourself. While you are at it, change a distributor cap too. All can be done under $100.
OK. Jed. Food for thought. Thanks.
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