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Engine Break in

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So I am swapping my engine either this weekend or next weekend. How long do I need to break this engine in before I can start to rag on it? It is not a brand new motor although it does have low miles and is not being opened up at all. But who knows when the last time it was started.
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i heard 1000 miles is break-in minimum for swaps from some honda guys. What engine's going in since you're not using the Beams 3SGE?
JDM 3sfe with some the basic bolt ons. Should be making about 160hp with plenty of low end torque to spare. I went with it over a ge head because I like the fe's powerband more.
if its not a new engine...i dont think u'll need a break in period....once the car is up n running...and all fluids are changed..u should be fine...its like taking a car out of storage...
^ agreed with MRQturbo. It's not a new motor or rebuilt motor, so there isn't a break in period.
No breakin for a used motor...however, you don't know how long the motor's been sitting..i'd personally keep the rev's max at 3K for the a few hundred miles...
^ Agreed.... if you don't know where that thing has been, which you usually dont, just be nice to it for the first couple hundred miles. Once you are sure that everything is running smooth.... than start really driving the thing.
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