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Engine cuts out

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Hello everyone,

I have an issue with my 01 3.4 engine. It recently started occuring it seems once the temperature changed from fall to winter as most people have experienced.
The problem is no matter what gear i am in, at roughly 2200 to 2900 rpm only during slow acceleration will the truck seem to lose fuel and jerk. It only happens during acceleration. Another thing is that it feels as though it does not *engine brake* if you will like it should. It kinda feels like an auto tranny and just keeps going. when i am slowing down but dont want to drop gear after about 2000 the engine sometimes stalls until i let off the brake obviously the truck will fire again.
Sorry one more thing, once rolling very slow to a stop in first at about 2000 i will push in the clutch but the engine will stay at 2000 then slowly drop.

These are all symptoms that have occured recently and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please no one say it the MAF becuase i just changed it and will be angry with the dealership if these sound like symptoms of this.

Thanks everyone very much
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It almost sounds like your throttle is sticking a little. Try cleaning your throttlebody. Make sure you clean the plate too.
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