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Ok. Well first I'm homeless right now, and trying to do as many car repairs as possible. Please keep this in mind when you answer, because I'm not a tightwad; just thrifty and proud to be able to fix something if I can without a bad mechanic taking advantage of the situation!

This '91 Camry was given to me about 3 years ago. As of last year it developed a faintly unburned-gasoline-smell coming from the engine (not the exhaust), and now the smell has turned into.....something between the smell of natural gas and ROTTEN EGGS.....really turns my stomach sitting at the drivers wheel!

What can I check first, as I had no idea emissions can come from the engine instead of the back of the car?.....

Also, is this related somehow?: I notice the car has to warm up about 5 minutes now before driving, because if it doesn't, and I'm on a flat surface and give it the "gas", it hesitates going forward, as if the gears really aren't touching......even if I haven't switched gears at all.....

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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