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everytime i start my car it makes a really loud grinding sound. it broke down on my at my friends house to i drove it back like weeks later and i noticed that when you put it in N it doesnt grind or its not loud but it D it does.

it all started when i was driving and when i noticed that the higher my rpms were the louder the grind.

i talked to a lot of people and they say it might be the camshaft crankshaft or the rods or whatever like its suppose to be going up and down but its going back and fourth or side to side and the pistons arnt moving the way they are like the ring is messed up or something? may even be the timing belts they say.

i put a screwdriver on the engine to listen like you would with a stethascope and yea it was really loud on the top part of the engine like the middle cylinder.

then my friend tells me its not that its the lifter??

whats wrong with my car please help me. thank you.

btw its a 92 v6 camry 199,085 miles i know its old but it ran great and all of a sudden this happened. and you can still drive it around it just has that very loud grinding or cranking sound.
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