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Hi Guys,
Im hoping you can help me with my problem. I bought a 92 Previa 2WD from my neighbour mid of last year with only around 56k Miles on the Odometer. It was working really good except for the airconditioner which I had repaired. Last November, almost on the same period I replaced the stock air filter with a KNN aftermarket air filter; had a change oil; and had the spark plugs changed (from a platinum one which I did know was installed and can still be reused :( to a stock one with a part no different from the one specified on the manual but shop told me its compatible/made by NGK); and changed the battery. I only seldomnly use the van, only around once every two weeks.
Right after these changes I encountered a big difference on my car specifically when I start the engine, I could not drive it right away like before and usually like normal gasoline engined cars, since the engine would stall. I also observe a white smoke coming out of the exahaust after start-up. All this however would be solved after heating up the engine to around 8-10 minutes or when the temp gauge shows the temp needle to be at the middle of the meter (same problem would occur after car has cooled down for about 3 hours or more).The other problem is even after some time of running the car, I would notice that at standstill like on traffic jams would feel the engine to be a little hesitant to run and if you press on the gas at neutral, it would seem like the engine would die (it dies sometimes). I cant see the RPM reading though since there is no tachometer. Im planning to have my spark plugs checked again but Im not sure if it really causes the problem. I would really appreciate your feedback on this.
Also is it normal to have a high idle (observed from the large amount of air coming out of the exhaust) after initial engine start-up? I also observe my fuel consumption to be very high at around 4kms/liter (around 10Miles to a gallon), is this normal? I leave in manila by the way where there's lot of traffic jams (stop and go) and temperature is relatively hot (15-32C).
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