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Hi folks,

I've got my 2000 Corolla LE, which recently has two problems:

1.) Hesitation on startup as it idles for 20 seconds around 1100 rpm, as if its misfiring, and it will correct itself by idling a bit faster and it levels off. It's getting progressively worse and taking a bit longer to level off the weird idle. Almost as if the engines misfiring. What could be the problems? Sparkplugs or fuel injector?

Last year my engine was shaking roughly and a mechanic said there was some water around the boot or fuel injector or sparkplug area. It was cleaned and its fine until now.

2.) Just recently my brakes would have a clicking noise when I step on brakes harder and hold onto the brakes. Sounds like it could be from front or rear because noise is a bit muffled.

Normally I'm quite light on the brake pedals, so didn't really notice as I wanted to have the brakes last until close to start of winter. Any ideas on what this clicking noise is?

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