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Firstly...this thread will be posted in MR2, Corola and Tercel forums :D

i have a 1985 AW10, which has the 1500 3A-LU Single cam carb engine. I know the 4age is a easy swap but i dont want to do it, i want to keep this rare car original, besides i have a 4age 89, a 20v 88 and my project MRX. i had a crazy plan while at home being sick, is it possible to swap a 3E-TE or 4E-FTE head onto the 3alu? And then run twin carbs rather than the single carb and then go with my master plan, setup a SC12 on the 3alu but ofcorse i would have to lower compression, and getting more fuel would be easy as i have two weber DATR carbs from my x1/9 with handled 8psi of SC boost. So you think any of this is doable? really would like to know about the head tho!

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