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Engine Mount Problem

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Hey guys,

Im having 2 problems with putting in a new front engine mount and i was wondering if you guys could help since you guys have helped me so much with everything.

the bolt that holds the top of the mount to the engine is really long. it seems to be way too long for my new mount (i bought it at autozone and its made by duralast). after screwing that bolt in half way, the bolt gets extremely hard to turn and eventually i twisted the mount (because i was still trying to screw the long bolt in). any ideas on why this might've happened... ? i gotta go pick up another mount -.-;;;

there are three bolts that holds the bottom of the mount to the subframe. the bolt in the front is done from the bottom and the bolt on the sides are done from the top. my left bolt won't thread into the hole in the subframe (the bolt is fine). does this mean the threads on the subframe are fucked ? do i need a new subframe................. ?

thanks a lot guys,

oh and btw, does anyone know of any good brands of mounts ? maybe i should just return this duralast mount and order one online...
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you could probably try a tap and dye to fix the threads on the frame and you could go to for the motor mount or for an oem mount at a cheaper price. I personally went to ebay for my mount and found an new oem mount for 65 bucks so look around there.
thanks, i'll look into getting a tap and dye kit to fix the threads.

also, i looked on rockauto and they only had mounts for the automatic:

however i found this one from partsgeek but it says USA models only. i have a usa model right ? ....since im in america lol

see the duralast is on the right and the stock is on the left. see how the stock mount has a notch to the left of the bolt ? well the duralast has a notch too but its in the wrong spot (way too close to the bolt hole). but autozone said that its made for my 99 camry v6 5mt..... ugh
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