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engine needs replacement

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I am unsure of what I am doing here and need help. According to both a Toyota dealer shop here in Chicago and an independent mechanic, the engine on my 1992 Tercel is dying and is about to throw a rod. This means either buy a new car, get a new (i.e., used) engine, or have this engine rebuilt.

The mechanic first said that he might be able to order a used engine < 60K miles for about $600 and do the entire job for $1200. The next day, I called and he said that these 3EE engines are very popular. In his view, they wanted too much, around $900, which would bring the total cost to $1500. I told him I would think about it. I poked around the web, and the $900 figure does indeed seem to be the average.

After a couple of days, it seemed worth it, so I brought the car in for a full inspection. I said that if the car had nothing else wrong with it, then I might do it. He inspected it and said that the car is in good mechanical condition. Apart from the engine, it needs new brake pads (which I knew about beforehand) and has a broken axle. He did not charge for the inspection, which is a $70 job.

He then suggested that instead of ordering an engine, he could rebuild this engine for only $200 more. In his view, a rebuilt engine is more reliable and the car could run another 4-5 years. (It has 114K miles on it.) The job would include a new timing belt. His written estimate for the engine overhaul, brake pads, and new axle was $2150, most of which is labor.

It seems worth it to me. I am a student, and it is way cheaper than buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealer and being stuck with payments. Also, this mechanic's customer reviews at the machan-x-files section are stellar (which is why I went there). He does appear to be knowledgeable, and explained to me what is involved with the rebuild as much as a layman could understand. But I want some opinions first before I make the investment.
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1200$ will get you a tubrocharged 4efte that will bolt right up with everything needed. with this aloone you will be able to beat and surpass many vehicles on the road.

or if your afraid of smog get a 5efe or a 5efhe(high comp.) for 450$.

they will be shipped out of miami,florida. i paid 212$ for shipping and put it in myself. it is certainly not hard at all. if your afraid then take the car and have the engine shipped to a junior college around your area that has an autoshop. they will more than likely just charge you for the lab fee (50$). i paid 50$ for my clutch job at fullerton Junior college her in california.
Miami, FL? Where? Do you have a link?

I am wary of this. I have ZERO knowledge of auto mechanics, yet you say it's not difficult. Is there a manual available that provides step-by-step noob-proof instructions, along with diagrams and required tools? How many hours did you expend doing this?
lol..noob proof...
if you decide to go the 5efhe/5efe route i'd be more than happy to help ya.
also here is the online technical manual for the 5efe(courtesy of [email protected])

the link is here for BYP:
(305) 249-4979

call and ask for trevor. tell hime that i sent you...he usually stays late to get customer's cars done. I and several others have bought our motors from them. and all i have heard from the others is praise. they know what they are doing & you will get everybit of customer service till the end. if you have any questions regarding the 5efe and the 5efhe swaps i can help you. the 4efte i can help a little bit(i have never installed the full engine myself). but yeah, like i said trevor takes care of his customers. most places will sell you the engine then expect you to know everything. his current project is gonna be a 10 sec tercel using the 3sgte celica alltrac motor. so trust me ...he knows his shiate.
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i started working on it at 9:00pm Fri and stopped at 5:30am saturday. you will need an engine hoist, (Uhual rents them out..gotta find a way to get it home tho.) a socket set & racthet(must go up to 19mm), a 30mm socket & breaker bar for it(this is for the axle nuts). a prybar(would help greatly when taking out the halfshafts), air compressor & air tool set are recommended(I got mine from walmart for 200$ everything. they have a cheaper one thats 150$. I made sure to keep eveything in tact, so that when i returned it there would be no problems.)
I don't think I am going to go this route. It's too time consuming and doesn't really save all that much money. What about bringing it to this mechanic? I need some opinions.
well i'll telly ou this..a 3ee engine with under 50,000 miles can be bought for 200$ from japan. do your searching...

so you'll be spending $2,150 for a 200-300$(max) engine? tell me whats more expensive...

but then again its your money.
hell i wish you lived here in cali...i could do it for you for 1500$(covers my tuition for the next 2 ...
need help!

Any one know where I can get an engine for a 1992 toyota paseo? i live in iowa and i blew my engine. im only 17 years old and have 2 cars. the paseo is my project car and it needs an engine plz tell me where i can get a cheap one.
Paseo, if you just want a stock replacement, open up a phone book at start making calls to any local import shops or engine importers.
tipcat, kene is absolutely right. I was reading those prices and was thinking, "WTF?! THIS PERSON IS GOING TO GET ASS RAPED OUT OF THEIR MONEY!!!"

Listen to Kene. The boy knows what he is saying and he is right.

If you are apparently ready to spend $1000+/- you might as well go 5E-FHE.
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