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Engine Noise 1999 Toyota Avalon

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Any ideas about what is causing this noise? Here is the video of ol' betsy.
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Wow, that's really really bad sounding... I'm thinking timing chain? But don't you guys have a timing belt on the 3.0L V6?? How's the condition of all the other belts? Check the oil level?

Does it drive right? Or what characteristics does it have well driving?
engine noise

It drives fine except for the noise. It's just sitting waiting to be fixed now though. The belt is tight, and there is no smoke. I'm not sure if it has a timing belt or timing chain, it has dual overhead cams. I'll start by checking the oil.
engine noise

The oil level is good. Starting to suspect something in the bell housing.
Avalon Engine Noise

Check belt tensioners. Turn on the A/C to see if the noise change, if it does then possible A/C clutch...good luck

Keep us posted...
Sounds like a really worn out and loose idler pulley bearing or any belt driven bearing. OR a dry camshaft from a plugged oiler galley.
Use a 3-4 foot section of garden hose or any larger hose; one end to your ear and one end down around in the engine areas to isolate the sound. (unless you have access to a mechanics stethoscope).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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