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Engine power questions

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Hey everyone,
Its great to finally find a site with decent info. Anyways heres the questions. Has anyone ever heard of or seen a 3S-GTE engine swap with 4wd tranny into a paseo and how well it may fit. And yes i know of all the re-enforcing i'll need to do to handle the 4wd. Secondly, how much power have people been able to run on the 5efe engine before it bites the bullet.
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There are actually a couple ppl who have done this swap into either a paseo or a tercel, but I haven't heard of a 4wd. Also, seeing how you are in ontario come check out . There was a member from TPC that was selected to be on turner transformation and they converted his car to rear wheel drive... this also slaughtered the rest of it and made it so that it wasn't legal to drive on the street.
Yah i saw that episode. Turned it into a drifter with a rwd tacoma enigne i believe. How was it not streetable anymore. I'm not one for the whole shower with go concept, though. So for that thing i was kinda disappointed though. And where in toronto are you guys based out of. We have the MCO ( Motor Club of Ottawa) here that i'll be putting my 96 in the Solo events.
We used to have meets all over the GTA, but this summer we decided to have our meets with TN so that we would have a variety of different cars and ppl to meet and talk with. We have a couple members on TPC who participate in Solo2 events. Also, the paseo that was on tt is not legal because they took out all the heater parts and rear defroster, put in a fuel cell, they cut the frame pretty bad at some parts, etc.
There is a place down here in Miami, Florida USA that continously does that swap. Do a search for Back-yard productions. I will try to find the site for you later.
This should be the link.
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