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Engine Question.

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I was wondering if I could get a engine swap for my 04' Camry?
Where would I go for it? But I don't wanna void any warranties.
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hmmm...i dunno about the warranty thing. if u get toyota to do it....u might keep it. but theres an assload of money.

or maybe an authorized toyota place could do it.
I want a turbo or supercharger.
hmmm...that i can't help you with. talk to some of our turbo buddies floating around.
well if you had the money, buy a new v6 from toyota and buy a trd supercharger and have them install it... for about $250,000 :p:
are you serious?
nothing major is gonna get done on your 04 camry without voiding the warranty...

although that supercharger that's coming out of the scion tc would probably be adaptable, but toyota would still bitch i'd bet

edit: why didn't you get a v6? if you want power, this would at least keep you content
I got it as a gift.

Edit. I think when the 06' CamZ come out I'm goin' to trade my 04' in for it. If I can't get a supercharger or turbo engine.
free car? shit, void that warranty, nothing much is gonna go wrong with it while its on warranty anyways
Yeah, I actually had to BUY mine so I went ahead and got the V6. Boy, that would SUCK.:lol:
Just a little friendly razzing man...
well i still pay monthly
i'd say sell that 04 camry and buy something that you CAN mod (or someone already has modded). Overall, you seem to sound like a person who just needs a modded car....doesn't care of doing the mods' themselves.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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