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engine running hot

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Last year I replaced my radiator.

I had it checked since then, and was told that a pressure test showed no leaks or anything.

I check my coolant, both in the reservoir and in the radiator, and they are both full.

But I noticed (and this happened last year) that driving around town doing errands and there are lots of traffic lights, the temp gauge shows the line at halfway between cold and hot.

It hasn't done that in a while, but then, it has been cold/winter.

Today it is warmer, say 45-50 degrees out. And it did it today.

Is this a problem? Or is this normal?

Given there doesn't seem to be a leak, what would make the engine run so hot? Shouldn't it be at worst, maybe a quarter or a third of the way (the line on the gauge, I mean)?

There wasn't even really traffic, just stopping at lights and stuff.

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Well, first off it is supposed to be smack dab in the middle. Any colder and your engine isn't up to the correct temperature.

It sounds like your thermostat is stuck partially open. Its a cheap and pretty easy fix.
So you are saying it is supposed to be where it is? That smack in the middle is normal?

Cause, a number of acquaintances have told me that it should only be at 1/3 or 1/4 up form cold under normal circumstances.

So this is not something I should worry about? I need to know cause Monday I have to drive across the state, and I wanted to be sure this didn't mean my engine would overheat in the middle of the trip.

BTW, What would the fix be?
Mine tends to be slightly below the middle in cold weather, but yep, the middle is normal.
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