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Engine swap: 5sp to auto?

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Thought I should start a new post. The engine in our auto 87 Tercel died, so we have decided to donate the engine from my 84 5sp Tercel wagon into the 87 auto Tercel wagon. The 84 has a LOT of rust and is ready to retire anyway.
So the question is: Any problems in moving engine from a standard into an auto? Is everything just going to match up?
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5sp engine removed, but auto engine stuck

I started the transplant from the 5sp to the auto. Got the engine out of the 5sp OK, but the auto is stuck :(. Has anyone removed the engine from an auto tercel of this vintage? Any hidden bolts that I may have missed? Any special tricks?
Thanks do much,
sometimes u will literally need to wiggle the tranny off from the engine...i did it with my 3ee motor.
thanks Kene. We have tried lots of wiggling and prying already, but without success. Any other ideas? Are there any issues specific to the auto?
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