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Engine Swap 92 Camry V6 94 Lexus?

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First time posting to toyotanation, long time reader.

My college son blew his 1992 Camry v6 3VZFE engine, it overheated. I have a 1994 v6 1MZFE engine from a Lexus es300, don't have the rest of the car.

Will the 1994 lexus v6 work in the 92 camry?

I've already identified a problem; The 92 camry has a distributor, the 94 lexus engine is distributor-less. Is this a show-stopper? If not, how do I make it work?

Another difference is that the 92 camry v6 block is cast iron, the 94 lexus v6 block is aluminum. I don't see this as a show stopper.

Any other potential conflicts?

Any feedback/comments will be greatly appreciated.
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