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Engine swap(anything new?)

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ok i want to know if its possiable to put a 1993 Supra Turbo engine in a 96 corolla

(my dad wrecked his Supra and totaled it and he gave me the engine and i have a corolla)
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Get a mk3 supra for dirt cheap that needs an engine and put it in that. Also is this a 2jz-gte engine out of a 93.5 or a 7m-gte out of a 93-older body style?
um..... it was done in an ae86.... lol.... figure out a driveshaft and RWD axle that will work, and it can be done
He's got a 96-fwd
dang it....are there any early 90's late 80's tototas theat are rear-wheel? (prefers a corolla,celica,camrey) but ill mostly take anything
^^ Supra is your best bet. find one that has a shot motor then drop your dad's whole drivetrain. if you wanna go older the last RWD toyota would be '84-'87 AE86. but there'll be lots of modification and fabrication. someone from another board brought up a crazy idea and it's very doable and ithink he'll do it... '80-'84 toyota starlet (KP61) with a 7MGTE motor swap, now that is sick! :thumbup: :cool:
i have an 80 sr5 body you can have
supra would be easier but corolla would be a good sleeper
I personaly like Sedans better than Coupes and thats the main reason i want to go with a corolla camrey ect....and to have a good sleeper
trdcamry2003 said:
He's got a 96-fwd
sheesh, killing the dry sense of humor there :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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