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Engine Swap for 95 camry

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i purchased a 95 camry from a friend, looking to buy a more powerful engine, also one with fewer miles. tried to search web and these forums for some info on what would be the best swap for this model car. its a 95 le automatic. just want a more powerful engine than i have now. plus this one has 150k. so anyone have some good ideas on a good engine that will fit. thanks.
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I think i speak for most people here on TN, esp. Dave Zoni, when i say 3sgte, manual.:D

list of the possible swaps for Camries (look at SXV10/MCV10)

(maybe that site should be included in the Camry sticky thread)
i want to see somebody put a 5vz in their camry, that would be quality
You forgot to mention which engine he had...
Since you have a 95 Camry I would say go with the 1MZFE:thumbup: The 1MZ is a Badass motor and a Turbo kit should be coming out for it soon
It's not a honda... swaps aren't cheap or easy.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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