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Engine swap for my solara

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i have a 1999 Solara V4. i want to make it faster but not with that engine. does any body have an idea like a engine swap and what would fit?

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you could put in the V6 version, 1MZFE, or I think you could do a 3mz or you could even do a 3mz/1mz hybrid. Check this:

you could contact the author of the thread if you have questions.
if i wanted to go to a local junkyard and get the 3mz, what cars have that engine?? or where can i find it?
not entirely sure, you'll have to do some research. Make sure the actual 3mz engine fits too. The link I supplied above, he did a 1mz/3mz hybrid engine. not entirely sure what parts he used for the 3mz. He might have used the 1mz block, but 3mz internals....
no such thing as "v4" engine
ok.....I4.....what was the point of that? we know what i meat
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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